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Emma Stone

Emma Stone

11 thoughts on “Emma Stone”

  1. >*Poor Things has quite a bit of nudity from Emma. There are early shots of her lying in bed and being undressed where we see her breasts. Later there is a sex montage with Mark Ruffalo around 30 seconds of breasts and butt in different positions. Then there’s a quick frontal with a shirt on. Later she works at a brothel and there is a scene of her being undressed with frontal from the side. Then a longer montage of her having sex, including breasts, ass, and full frontal while being tied up in one shot. Finally, there’s a quick lesbian scene where Suzy Bemba is between her legs but you mainly only see their breasts. Other various shots of her breasts when she’s in the brothel as well. Probably a merkin for all the full frontal shots.*

    – Recapped

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