30 Hottest Frankie Poultney Pictures Can Make You Fall For Her Glamorous Looks

30 Hottest Frankie Poultney Pictures Can Make You Fall For Her Glamorous Looks

Frankie Poultney is a notable reality TV superstar. She and David met on Dancing on Ice, David is a previous goalie and footballer. He principally addressed Arsenal and the England public group. At last, on February 7, 2017, the pair sealed the deal.

They have been married since May 2021 and are having a cheerful coexistence. As indicated by Mirror, they have chosen not to have a kid because of clinical problems. They likewise have four kids from David’s earlier relationships. In 2008, Seaman and Poultney met interestingly.

1. Frankie Poultney Hot Pics

Frankie Poultney Hot Pics
Frankie Poultney Hot Pics

On the show ‘Moving OnIce,’ they were dance partners. Essentially, they began dating in 2009 and wedded in 2013. After Frankie’s separation from her Canadian engineer husband, Andrew, and David’s separation from his previous spouse, Debbie, their affection supposedly bloomed during a Dancing On Ice visit in 2008.

2. Frankie Poultney Sexy Pics

Frankie Poultney Sexy Pics
Frankie Poultney Sexy Pics

In 2014, they were collaborated for an elite player version, completing in a solid third spot. Previous England goalkeeper David proposed over Christmas in 2013, and the couple reported their commitment in 2013.

3. Frankie Poultney Hot Pics 2022

They were wedded in the Cotswold’s Dormy House, encompassed by friends, family, and many previous partners from David’s heavenly football career. She and David met on Dancing on Ice and wedded after making the marital promise together.


Poultney additionally functions as an expert ice artist. David Seaman, Frankie Poultney’s husband, is her soul mate. Their youngsters are Georgina, Robbie, Dan, and Thomas. Robbie, who is just 13 years of age, is the youngest of the group. Frankie Poultney, the star of Dancing on Ice, is 48 years of age.


Her birthday is March 1, and she was born in 1973. She has British ethnicity and is a Pisces by zodiac sign. She additionally lives in the United Kingdom. In 2010, she rose to acclaim as the dance teacher for NBC’s Dance on Ice Friday.


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