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Alyssa Milano in “The Outer Limits”

Alyssa Milano in “The Outer Limits”

10 thoughts on “Alyssa Milano in “The Outer Limits””

  1. I think this was the first actress that did a scene (this very one) that made me think, “wow, I cannot believe I actually get to see her naked.”

  2. I remember watching this episode in bed with my parents. It was pretty awkward, but not more so than our viewing of ‘Basic Instinct’. What can I say, we only had one TV at the time and certain scenes came at you fast. I got my own TV pretty soon after.

  3. I think she’s had a few versions done.

    This might have been the first implants. These don’t look great but looked better in Embrace of the Vampire.

    More research is warranted.

  4. The outer limits, tales from the crypt, and masters of horror all were my favorites they also had some good sci-fi and horror stories and some good plot

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