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Callmesherni is a scammer

Callmesherni is a scammer

I bought her Onlyfans a few days back. She claims on her IG that we’ll see ‘more’ on her Onlyfans and Patreon. It’s all bullshit. She posts the exact same photos from her IG on these platforms charging money for them. I learned this the hard way. You guys beware.

[a few of her Onlyfans photos](

17 thoughts on “Callmesherni is a scammer”

  1. She makes 13000 dollars through patreon per month!! So people like getting scammed ig???Fools will make that hoe a millionaire soon

  2. God damnit i got so angry when i saw she makes 13000 dollars a month only showing that cleavage and with her same fucking expression! I mean how can people be so dumb to continue to pay her!
    Thanks for the confirmation by the way.

  3. I never understood and it’s beyond my comprehension , but why do people pay for photos ? What you get out of by it ? People are buying bathwater and what not from these girls ? Do people belive that these girls will talk to them or come to them in IRL .

  4. She’s actually quite smart. She said she’ll be showing “more”, not nudes. More can simple mean more pictures, but people assume it’s nudes. Gotta give her credit for that.

  5. Alright I saw the pictures through the Imgur link which you shared, and I have to tell you that she had shared none of those pictures on Instagram.

    And as far as her promises go, she only promised to share more content which wasn’t available to the Instagram audience.

    Now if you paid her exorbitant patronage access to see nudes, we’ll, I can understand your bitter disappointment. But it’s all fair in the end because you didn’t read the terms and conditions clearly. She never said that she was going to post nudes on her Patreon.

    Apart from that, I can assure you that none of her pictures found on Patreon, at least the ones that you posted on the Imgur, are available on her Instagram unless she’s using it explicitly for the promotion of her Patreon page.

  6. i was wondering whether she actually post nudes on patreon. her IG pics aren’t really the “I will go nude for more money” type. Ty for taking this one for us.

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