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Kimberly Page’s massive plots in “The 40 Year Old Virgin”

Kimberly Page’s massive plots in “The 40 Year Old Virgin”

11 thoughts on “Kimberly Page’s massive plots in “The 40 Year Old Virgin””

  1. Yes. On the February 8, 1999 *WCW Monday Nitro*, they ran an angle where Scott Steiner threw Kimberly (well, a stunt woman made up to look like Kim) out of a car, as a way to build up the Diamond Dallas Page-Scott Steiner match at *WCW SuperBrawl IX* on February 21st. It was played straight and serious, with some of the other Nitro Girls (WCW’s dance troupe who would perform in between matches and going into and out of commercial breaks) sending tearful get-well messages on TV. As was typical of the horribleness of the Kevin Nash booking regime, Steiner won the match. Two months later at *WCW Spring Stampede 1999* on April 11th, DDP surprised everyone by defeating [WCW World Heavyweight Champion]( Ric Flair, Hollywood Hulk Hogan and Sting in the four-way match for the title. The following night on *Nitro*, Kim returned during the DDP-Steiner match and hit Steiner with a chair to help DDP win. It turned out that she had gotten implants while she was off of TV, which was really unnecessary since everybody thought she was really hot already.

  2. When it first came out we didn’t have a internet. So I would take the DVD player in my room, pop on this movie and constantly rewind this part.

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