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The 2022 /r/kpopfap Survey

The 2022 /r/kpopfap Survey

The 2022 survey is here!

You can find the 2021 results here:

Please note that the survey asks for up to 5 nominations for each category (best thighs/legs, etc.) but you do not have to put all 5 if you don’t want to! You can put 0, 1, 3, 5, or any number in between. The survey is lengthy to be inclusive of all categories and to let people express their opinions, but if you’re the type to get bored fast, or have a shorter attention span, don’t burn yourself out answering every question!

One of the suggestions from last year is to interact with the Reddit API to look at trends and graphs to access data on number of posts and upvotes per an idol. Unfortunately the user that offered to help me became too busy to assist, and I don’t quite have the Python/API knowledge to do this, so if anybody is familiar with this kind of stuff, please reach out to me. It’d be a really cool project!

The impact of the modifier was well received last year, but as always, I will look at the data this time around and make sure it makes sense to do so. Some cynical individuals think that they can manipulate the survey results to try to boost their favorite group modifier (why would you feel good about your favorites performing well on the survey if you know that it’s illegitimate?) but I have come up with some easy ways to filter these troll attempts that are even more effective than last year. Please don’t try to rig this… it’s just for fun. This isn’t an election.

Other than that, not much to say besides that I cleaned up a bit from last year’s. Added a few simple questions, turned some write-ins into multiple choice, trimmed some of the fat.


35 thoughts on “The 2022 /r/kpopfap Survey”

  1. Thanks for the hard work! I always look forward to it!

    I’m never gonna make that “SECOND favorite poster” list because I post so many older idols/groups and lesser known/underrated idols/groups lol – maybe I’ll mix it up more next year!

  2. boy! LFG!

    is there any hope for the API thing to get done? and if it does, will the survey reset and we have to take it again?


    EDIT: if it’s not possible, best thing I can think of is to open the sub in an another tab and sort by “top” then “year” to get an overall idea of what was the most upvoted this year…

  3. I feel like what I thought i would pick and what I actually picked was different. I took it very serious and hope I made a stir in the voting ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜

  4. Nice to see the “Hag” category got a rename this year.

    I look forward to filling things out when I have a bit more time later this week.

  5. As everyone said! Thank you for the hard work! I always look forward to these survey and results! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Edit: Done! and Can’t wait! doing the survey again proves how much you don’t remember lol. Gotta take notes next time.

  6. ZookeepergameBorn402

    Here’s my problem with the modifier and hopefully you get this POV, it’s easily unfair for multiple reasons and here are few examples so hopefully you have thought them through :

    – Most popular groups are the ones that put the best music out there not the necessairly the ones with the best visuals and that goes for this subreddit too, so for example G-IDLE who imo had by far the best year in terms of music would have Soyeon get punished in terms of votes while less popular groups with better visuals will have a bigger gap

    – Groups visually aren’t equal, when ppl vote TWICE it’s mainly cause of Sana/Momo/Mina etc not Chaeyoung or Jeongyeon so these less popular members get punished for no reason (and it’s not just a one off-case when ppl vote RedVelvet its cause Irene not Yeri so Yeri get less popular for no reason etc)

    I feel like the idea of just counting the pressence of an individual idol on the subreddit as the main criteria is much better than using the whole group … like ALICE is such an unpopular group which would lead to Sohee having an insane boost for no reason

  7. I implore everyone to be tad bit more objective this time around because there were some clear cut winners in 2022 in some categories.

  8. wrote in my No.1, NiziU Rima, would love to see more content from/praise for them… as of late february they’ll all be eligible

  9. First time voting, I really enjoyed it! I’ve wanted to since 2017 maybe. Beautifully made, a beautiful settup aswell, well done! TWICE and blackpink dominated imo as always..! <3

    I know Mina dosen’t have the biggest ass in kpop but to me it’s the best ass, so had to choose twice – was relatively easy ๐Ÿ™‚ MANY new groups though..hmmI got some research to do

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